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FoodNinja is a system developed to improve operations and profitability of a typical dining restaurant. The uniqueness of the system lies in the fact that it is one of the very few systems which engages the customer at the table and also integrates all the features of a POS system in modern day restaurant.

FoodNinja places touchpoints at the customer table, kitchen rooms, and floor manager and connects all the entities in the process. The customer places orders through the tablets which is displayed in the kitchens; manager manages the tables with super-admin access to the whole system; customer can notify the manager about anything real-time; payment is done though the tablet directly and our system takes care of billing. Along with this, the system comes packed with inventory management unit, table reservation management unit, algorithms to up-sell and cross-sell dishes, customer loyalty management, data-based insights, backward integration with suppliers of the restaurant, waste management through inputs from customers and collaboration with NGOs in the field.

The business innovation lies in the proposition of offering a complete package instead of the software alone. This ensures that the restaurant implementing this for the first time does not have to invest any amount and pays for the system in the form of monthly fees. Apart from this, up-selling and cross-selling help in improving the revenue of the restaurant. Automating the process of ordering helps in reducing the number of floor staff required in the restaurant and results in reduction of cost. As no separate POS system is required, this cost also is saved. Other advantages include better records of orders, dishes, customers etc., tighter inventory control, utilization of waste food, easier operations and improved customer experience.

The system has already undergone a successful Proof of Concept and the feedback from customers and restaurant staff has been very encouraging.


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    Hrishikesh Kulkarni
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    Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Anand Singh, Jay Rathod
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    The thrill of imagining the product from user's perspective without creating one inspires all designs. Simplicity drives our design to the goal.
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    Android app coded in Firebase
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