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System of supports and flower pots for vertical gardens made of recycled rubber chip. Production oriented -mainly- for use on balconies and small spaces. The pieces are characterized for being ecological, modular, resilient and adaptable to different measures, helping to bring nature into the home.

In general, people who live in apartments do not have their own garden and even if they wanted to have plants, sometimes with the confined space of the balconies it is impossible, because it should be used for several different purposes.

FLU facilitates the possession and the maintenance of houseplants, providing functionality to a space that in many cases, is wasted. In addition, provides green areas to the city, taking advantage of the benefits that it offered to people having contact with nature.

1. To contribute to the maintenance of clean air in the city by creating new green spaces.
2. Bring nature to people and give them the opportunity to interact daily with it easily.
3. Provide an ecological alternative, durable and low maintenance product (in terms of cost and time) for those who live in buildings.
4. Give functionality to a space that generaly is unused, such as the walls of the balconies.
5. Take advantage of waste rubber and its properties to generate a product line that contributes the environment and also involves recycling and reuse.


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