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Digi-Gift – The future of digital gifts

Traditionally 4 of 5 the most popular gifts have been Music, Movies, Books and Games. However as people have moved away from physical media to digital media it is getting far more and more difficult to buy people presents. As such we have seen gift card purchases increase from $20 Billion per year to more than $200 Billion per year as people give up on trying to find the perfect gift.

Digi-Gift solves this problem by providing a platform that enables people to give digital gifts like Amazon Music, Kindle Books, and Xbox, Playstation and Wii Download codes and send these electronically.

Digi-Gift was launched on Google Play for Android devices in October 2017. The Digi-Gift App allows users to create a Wish List of digital content from Amazon including Digital Music, Kindle Books, and Xbox, Playstation, and Wii download codes. Once a customer has created their wish list they can connect and share their wish list with friends and family, so their friends and family can buy the digital gifts they want.

Digital Gifting has a number of advantages over traditional gifts:

You can purchase your gifts online, so there is no need to go to busy shopping centres. Gifts can be sent electronically, so if you cannot make it to the family Christmas party you can send the gift electronically without the risk of the gift being lost or stolen in the mail. Digital gifts are more sustainable, with no need to wrapping paper, or product packaging and no need for shipping and transport. Digital Gifts are often cheaper than the physical equivalent. As the gift are stored electronically they don’t take up space in the cupboard.

Using the Digi-Gift Platform you know exactly what you friends and family want, so there’s no wasted time trying to decide what gift to buy. You can buy a personalized present, with no need for an impersonal gift card.

We are currently in the process of developing a web based, version of Digi-Gift that will work with Apple iTunes, allowing iPhone users to select Apple Music, TV Shows, Music Videos, iBooks and iOS Apps and Games. This version is expected to available from July 2018.

The Android App can be downloaded from Google Play at the following link –
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digigift.digigift />Or check out website


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    Ashley Walsh
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    I have worked overseas for 10 out of past 20 years. Over that time I always struggle to buy Christmas and Birthday presents for friends and family back home. With advent of social media it was easy to keep in touch but gifting giving was always frustrating. I want to find a better solution.
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