Universal Computer Memory

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1. A static Non-Volatile Random-Access-Memory (NVRAM) made up of a Magneto-Optical or an Optical or any other recordable, erasable, and re-recordable media, in the square/rectangular form factor without requiring any rotational motion that can be written to and read from optically.

2. A grid of Magneto-Optical or Optical readers/writers placed on the surface of the Magneto-Optical or the Optical recording media that is erasable and re-recordable. The grid of the Magneto-Optical or the Optical readers/writers are connected by both horizontal row and vertical column lines.

3. A horizontal row line connects to select terminal of a bit reader/writer head in its row; a
vertical column line connects Data-In/Data-Out sense terminals of the bit reader/writer heads in its column.

4. The vertical column and the horizontal row lines provide an address of group of bits constituting a word to be selected for simultaneous reading or writing of bits of the word.

5. The Shared Memory Units or in general any memory units can be organized as regular Random-Access-Memory (RAM) like structures or bulk storage devices like hard drives. It is also possible to make recording media removable providing possibly the cheapest form of storage devices like RAMs or hard drives.

6. The NVRAM can also be packaged in an Integrated Circuit like that of a semiconductor memory with metallic pins attached for connection on the PCB to other circuit modules in a Multiprocessor Computing Apparatus or any other equipment or an apparatus or a device. It is also possible to construct 3 dimensional memory structures or 3D memory cubes by adding layers of grid of read/write heads placed on the surface of the recording media. This type of memory may be referred to as a Universal Computer Memory because main memory RAM as well as bulk storage memory like hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, and memory cubes can be built from it.


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