Powertube by Sea, Land, Powerline, Pipeline, etc. - Light Passengers or Mail

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Roads and railroads have already been built, pathways exist. Why not use recycled clear plastic, glass and aluminum to make a mini air or vacuum mailing tube system? Like the kind used for mail and cash in DC and stores of past, we can push 1 person or 100lbs of mail or mine type carts at high speed back and forth? One might even use a one rail or two rail tiny delivery machine on existing railways as well. So, the concept uses waste materials and existing land or undersea to deliver packages at bullet train speeds. My best idea on this remains to be published. Areas as huge as Canada, America, USA, India, Africa, China, and Russia might like this as an option for mail, onseys, goods, etc. Rockettube! Above or below ground. Diamter 1' to 5' diameter.


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