Adaptor for Clean Drilling

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Problem statement:
With the drilling machines used at home or professionally, there is no provision to contain the dust or debris that is generated during the drilling process. Drilling in areas which are occupied (home/offices) creates a real challenge with the dust/debris generated and subsequent cleaning process. My idea which significantly reduces the dust and debris will improve the work flow and efficiency of the technician. In addition, my device will ease the life of numerous electricians, plumbers etc who are constantly affected by dust inhalation.

The idea can be patented and the product can be sold worldwide to the consumers and the tool manufacturers.

A small gadget to collect all the dust and debris during the process of drilling and can be mounted on any drilling machine (new or old) or on the area to be drilled to collect all the dust and debris during the process of drilling.The device consists of two co-centric cylinders and a flexible rubber sleeve (Illustration 1). The flexible rubber sleeve is attached to the outer cylinder to fix the gadget to a drill machine. (Illustration 3). The inner cylinder has a small dust collecting protrusion. The inner cylinder can slide inside the outer cylinder for length adjustment (Illustration 2). In case the gadget cannot be fixed to a drill machine, it can be temporarily attached to the drilled surface using reusable tape or suction cups (illustration 4). This avoids the dust/sand from spewing which is collected in the cylinder body for easy disposal and avoids health problems associated with inhaling dust.

This simple, efficient and low cost solution will avoid the mess caused by drilling and the health problems caused due to dust inhalation.

Product variants
1)For small house jobs, even a disposable paper cylinder with reusable tape works very well. This product will have international appeal in DIY segment.
2)A variable length cylinder can be made out of a spiral spring steel or plastic material for normal home drilling work.
3)The mechanism can be designed for regular and professional drilling jobs by attaching a cylinder (spiral spring steel or plastic) to the drill machine.

I have extensively used this in my home and the concept can be demonstrated even at short notice

My idea will
1.give an edge (USP) to the tool manufacturer/OEM.
2.make the tool more user friendly and will improve work flow of the technician
3.minimize health hazard associated with the process of drilling

Today many large companies like Bosch, “Black and Decker”, Dremel etc. manufacture drill machines for home and professional use. However, none of them have addressed two usage problems with the drilling process. We are proposing an attachment (Aftermarket) to the existing drill machine, which can also be made available along with the new purchase (OEM sale). In addition, the same concept can be modified as a disposable dust collector for DIY market.


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