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Flexagon is a conceptual, shape shifting furniture and a home for 3 people.

6 tetrahedrons connected in all sides where the volume in each tetrahedron is divided into 4 compartments. The whole furniture can be wrapped around itself, inwards or ourwards in 4 orientations. 3 poeople can sit around the Flexagon., each facing 2 tetrahedrons where 2 hatches open and reveal 1 out of 4 functions in their common home. Flexagon and livnig with Flexagon represents an alternative to a clock. It twists clockwise inwards when there is a need to change its function. The project also challenges individual habits and privacy as the 3 people have to synchronize their habits, find an inner privacy. The project discuss how compact we possibly can live, considering both uture megacities and mars travels.



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    Hakan Lidbo
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    Farzaneh Farkish, Hakan Lidbo
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    My belief that future cities and future homes will not only be clean, safe and comfortable for it's citizens - but also dynamic, intelligent, playful and artistic.
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