Handy Water Purifier

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Presently for water purification large treatment plants involving sedimentation, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis RO techniques are used which are not easy to employ without electricity. We have designed handy smaller/larger water filter pads that can be used in the home and water can be taken from any source. The Gupt Water Filter Pads can be easily fitted on bottles, utensils and easily remove trace, toxic ions from contaminated water. The GWF pads are recyclable, biodegradable. GWF Pads can easily remove metallic, radioactive and other ions like As, Pb, Zn. Cd, Fluoride from water and can be regenerated easily.

Huge GWF PADs are easily manufactured for various ions removal structure and can be employed for water supplies in villages from saline and brackish sources. For GWF Pads preparation no beads preparation, grinding and coating with toxic solvents are required. Another version of GWF can be employed to enhance water retention in the soil. There is no disposal problem as GWFPs are based on biodegradable materials. Filler inside GWFPs eliminates organic contaminants from water.


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    Satish Gupta
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    Dr Sandhya Gupta
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    Easy removal of toxic contaminants from water to make potable and irrigation water for house and village application without electricity or big plants. There is no disposal problem as the GWFP material can be easily regenerated and it is based on biodegradable materials that can be finally used for water retention in the fields with no risk of failure or pollution. Plants grown near sea beech and providing potable water to people inspires the design concept of GWFPs.
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