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I have made a small embedded system which can control power for 5 devices through my Android Application with the help of Bluetooth. Even if the Android Application is closed intentionally, the immediate last state of the device remains and once the application is opened, we will know the state of each device, whether it is ON or OFF. Here we can have TV or FAN or COMPUTER or FRIDGE or WASHING MACHINE or MOTOR or PUMP or any device of our interest can be connected to 5 devices individually. I have attached photos for self explanation.

My current system will improve the quality of life, it will help to automate tedious tasks, it will prevent or reduce injuries by avoiding the direct switch interface, it will save lives by avoiding direct contact with switch, it saves time and money, it improves public safety and security with the design and it will also help in enabling other product improvements by incorporating my system into it.


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    Kumaraswamy Hollav
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    Embedded C and Java
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