One-Click Lamp Mounting System

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Moving home ? Tired of your lamps ? One of the most cumbersome tasks is to fix a new lamp to the wall or the ceiling. Instead of holding the lamp with one hand, fiddling the cable into the terminal, holding the terminal and tightening the screw all at the same time, the One-Click lamp mounting system will allow you to install or change the lamps in your house literally in seconds and without calling for an electrician.

Once the Ceiling Mount has been attached to the wall or ceiling, preferably by a professional electrician, the new lamp with the integrated Lamp Mount fits instantly into the Ceiling Mount. With a 90 degree turn until the T-shaped connectors have engaged with the clamps inside the Ceiling Mount, the new lamp is mechanically secured and electrically connected. This way, installing or changing lamps will be much easier, quicker and safer than current methods. Especially installation-safety and time-saving are the most important aspects of novelty on this solution.

Both components are injection-molded plastic parts with the electrical connections integrated during the molding process.

The Ceiling Mount is sold to the consumer as well as to the professional electrician via the typical DIY market whilst the Lamp Mount is sold to manufacturers of lamps (OEM) for them to integrate the Lamp Mount into their products. Driving this solution into the market needs at least one leading lamp-manufacturer to buy into this concept and advertise it into both the consumer market as well as the professional electricians market.


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