Low Water Top Load Washing Machine

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From California, South Africa to Sydney all cities have water supply problems. With climate change water is a future issue. Washing machines use lot of water. City water use for washers is huge. Front loaders are costly to maintain, buy, run with high detergents that pollute water bodies. Top loaders are cheaper, easy to use. Why not a new low water/energy machine using a top loader?

Existing top loaders have a single rotating clothes drum with all clothes washed in one chamber in a water tub with entanglement of clothes, needing more labor, ironing, high environment affecting detergents. Water use is more than front loader! Front loaders have not been improved for decades!

Our washing machine is comprised of a truncated cone water tub with the larger diameter on top. Inside is a conical clothes drum with a lower small, upper large clothes chamber. It has water inlets & drains, water heating, controllers, drying circuits, etc.

Load small , then big clothes, run the washing machine. After cleaning, drying, remove big, small clothes. Lower loads is lower water use!

Novel Cone shape tub is lower water volume. Our clothes drum separates small & big clothes with less entanglement.

Water saved: 20-50 liters/ wash with 6000-15000 liters/ family/ year. Top loaders detergents will be less quantity & polluting. Energy & money saved too.


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