Frebird Magnetic Ecosystem

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The Frebird Magnetic Ecosystem uses a unique RAPAM magnetic fastening system (Magnetic and Self-Positioning Magnetic Fasteners). This ecosystem consists of surfaces (walls, cabinets, furniture) with small precisely located magnets that securely fix Frebird items (frames, decorations, smart appliances, jewelry, work station etc.).

Hands-free mode wherever you want! Smart devices are an integral part of our lives. They follow us everywhere in the house, in the car and at work. We are more and more active and want to stay connected while continuing our daily activities. Who has not already damaged or soiled his phone or tablet while cooking or working? The Frebird Magnetic Ecosystem allows you to make each room a safe, hands-free work space. Just install Frebird panels during your renovations or use Frebird brackets.

No more nails, no more holes! With the magnetic surface of Frebird panels, you no longer need to damage your walls to install your frames and decorations. Simply replace the traditional gypsum board with a panel of HDF Frebird at the desired locations. The RAPAM magnetic fastening system not only allows you to securely fix your decorations, but also allows you to align them perfectly without help or tools. HDF Frebird panels are sold with a primer that makes them easy to paint.

Frebird accessories are manufactured by 3D printing. This technology allows you to customize the product you select.


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    Liberty is my greatest inspiration. Then I want to help people use their creativity with the products I design. Finally, I try to light the flame of our childhood by creating funny products to use while being fully functional.
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