Air Purification Panel

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This panel, part of a construction system built from recycled waste materials, can be used in any type of conventional construction as part of the exterior walls. Its dimensions can be variable as needed while its standard size is 1.20 m wide, by 2.4 m high and .2 m thick to fit most situations. It consists of a hydroponic vertical gardening system facing the interior with an air depuration additional equipment to clean all outside incoming air from the exterior.

The incoming contaminated air will enter through a wall opening and be directed to a chamber where artificial rain will clean it by taking away the contaminated dust particles that will be deposited in a bin located in the lower part and removable for disposal. Once cleaned the air will enter the interior rooms passing through, as an additional decontamination function, the hydroponic cultivation that faces the interior spaces. In this way only clean air can enter the inner space eliminating the outside contaminated one.


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