The Ergo Spout

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The Ergo Spout is the world's first ergonomic spout and handle for Mason jars transforming a common household item into a comfortable and useful pouring pitcher. The Ergo Spout prevents slippery jars by providing a firm place to grip and pour without touching the glass. This also allows for the dispensing of hot liquids such as syrup or gravy safely. With the Ergo Spout sticky or greasy liquids won't drip down the side of the jar because they are guided towards the curved spout.

The Ergo Spout fits regular mouth Mason jars from 12 ounces to half gallon sizes allowing cooks to dispense everything from homemade syrups and salad dressings to juices, gravies and sauces. It also includes a silicone gasket underneath to create a complete seal and prevent leaks. The flip top lid is easy to reach and allows the Ergo Spout to be used as a storage container as well.


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