Ergonomic Water Container And Cart

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In Africa and other countries where the source of water is located a long distance from home, people must carry the heavy water in various containers.

Purpose is to design an ergonomic container that can be carried easier and that can fit into a small cart that can be rolled over the ground.

The water container is made of plastic. There is a molded handle at the top for carrying the container. There is a large opening to fill and pour the water out of the container. It is large enough to be placed under a well pump to maximize water fill per pumping action. The cap is designed to also be used as a drinking cup for accessing the water during the journey home.

Another opening with a cap is located on the other top end of the container to provide venting when filling and pouring out the water.

The top sides of the container have slits to attach an adjustable shoulder strap for optional carrying of the container.

I'm waiting for feedback from a charitable we'll drilling organization to help in designing the container.

The cart for hauling the water is to have wide wheels similar to wheel barrow wheels but smaller in size. The handle of the cart would be joined to the front wheel axles to steer the cart in any direction. Design to be similar to the little red wagons.

Width and length of cart to be large enough to fit at least 2 of the designed water containers.

Cart to be easily assembled and have assembly instructions in various languages. Optional air pressure gauge and air foot pump for maintenance can be part of the package.

The complete package can be also used in areas of natural disasters such as in Porto Rico. Also campers can use it in remote areas.

The water container can be designed and produced by the plastic container companies that produce the water bottles for the water bottling companies.

The cart can be made by various utility cart companies that make large ones for gardeners or farmers.


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