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Poizo is a smart far-infrared space heater, which projects the heat precisely and only on its users around. It is able to locate them and communicate through wireless connection to optimize the personal comfort and cost effectiveness using a healthy far inrared heating technology. Poizo makes possible for multiple user at a same time and same place to adjust temperature to their comfort needs.

The patent-pending Directional Heat technology provides multiple users the opportunity to simultaneously personalize their heating experiences according to their own unique needs. In essence, Poizo's Directional Heat technology ensures that everyone in the room can reach their own level of comfort at the same time.

The smart technology works to sense and detect presence in a room. It will selectively adapt to multiple users in a room and direct its heat towards them. It prevents energy waste by selectively targeting and heating the areas that need it.

Poizo is equipped with machine learning that learns your personal comfort and sets heating power accordingly. Through continuously monitoring your environment, Poizo is able to determine each user’s personal preference. In addition, the user can easily control smart functions via the Poizo mobile app.

Poizo is constructed by 6 Far-infrared heater panels working independently on preferred temperature set by the users. Each of the 6 panels are 350W and projects the heat precisely to the user in front of the actual panel(s). Poizo got PIR and heat sensors around to be able to "see" the users around. We wanted to create a simple and functional design for a smart space heater, avoiding from fancy details as it is a space heater, not a multimedia appliance. Our aim was to minimize the "visual noise" in the home environment. Poizo is pure in its functions, it has a simple touch interface and a mobile app to control. Poizo wish to use battery to extend the freedom of usage, so we decided the docking solution.

The market potential is huge, based on the research of a market leader in heating industry there is a problem of selecting comfortable temperature for multiple users in 20% of the households around the globe. The comfort need is different for every user, so 22 Celsius could be cold for one and too hot for an other.

Poizo is inspired by the microclimates, using localised heat sources on the spots where the users are located (there are 3-5 hotspots in an average household) and lowering background temperature (central heating) below 20 degrees.

We can save up to 40 percent of the energy bills by using directed, localized heating in our home. And why is it an important number? Because nearly 80% of the European Union's yearly energy expense is spent on heating (mostly from fossil).


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