WIZEMAT: Personal Barrier Against Infection

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No matter how clean they may look, locker room floors and bathrooms are essentially teeming with bacteria and fungi, which can expose you to all sorts of nasty and contagious diseases, such as athlete's foot, plantar warts, ringworm, impetigo, and the emerging threat of the super-bug Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Additionally, wet and dirty floors can contaminate your clothes making changing a hassle. What is needed is a clean, quick, and convenient way to help minimize your exposure to these contagious diseases and wet floors. Consequently, “Wizemat” provides a solution to these unanswered problems.

Wizemat is an innovative mat system that provides a clean, personal surface upon which to stand when changing clothes at the gym. Its patented novel "Z" folding design ensures that the standing area of the mat is never exposed to the dirty locker room floor. Wizemat attaches to the underside of your favorite gym bag via adhesive Velcro strips and stays hidden until needed. These Velcro strips also allow the option to remove the mat from your gym bag if desired. New to the market and designed to fit within standard size lockers, the Wizemat is lightweight and easy to use

Clean and convenient, Wizemat provides a large enough standing area to change but small enough to be portable. The mat is made of durable polypropylene with an ample standing area that measures 20" x 13". The novel design also utilizes two neodymium iron boron magnetic latches that retain the mat in the closed position underneath the bag. To deploy the mat, the user simply steps on the provided foot tab while lifting the gym bag. The powerful magnetic latches re-capture the mat in the folded position after use without having to touch the mat.

The Wizemat came about because of two things: the rise in knowledge of communicable diseases found in gyms and the lack of a convenient, sanitary clothes-changing method. Several prototype iterations were fabricated and tested to ensure that the design was optimized with users' feedback in mind. Considering the large number of health-conscious members of athletic facilities being used today, the market potential looks promising. Standard sheet die-cutting and conventional assembly methods are used to manufacture this product. The magnetic latches are easily heat-staked into the mat to provide a low profile attractive look. Finally, no more need to stand on a bench while changing your clothes or a towel that can contaminate the inside of your gym bag! Also, with the steady increase of gyms discontinuing towel services, gym patrons face even fewer options when changing in the locker room. Wizemat provides you with a much needed personal space in an ever-filthier public area.



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