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This is a platform of ideas for students attending and living at higher education universities/colleges anywhere in the world. There are activities that the students have which can be stressors as well as costly and negatively impact the environment. This platform of ideas addresses several of them. Each can be considered separately, but they are offered as a package since these are a platform.

First is clothes washing. Machines that exist on campus are almost always topload and even if not commercial, use upwards of 30 gallons (114L) water per wash. In addition, it is stressful for the student having to make the time and hoping to find washers not in use by others. Solution? There are several manufacturers of persoanl-sized, no-electricity washers/spin dryers, including the Drumi by YiRego which won the 2017 Edison Award for water conservation, as well as Wonder Wash. In addition to conserving water and excluding electricity use, they are powered by cranking or pedaling, so also a workout included for health. In addition, at $40-75 USD, they are far more economical that the $5+ it costs to wash a load of clothes with a traditional washer in the dorm.

The second idea is also a re-purpose of something. PODS were created as a temporary storage space for a home's furniture, etc. in a transition move, a remodel, etc. A real challenge for college student is the shuffling of sofas, beds and other larger items and storage during the summer. Many rental facilities are quite expensive for short-term rental space. The university could maintain the PODS and charge a far lower rate than charged by the storage companies and enable students to short-term store belongings rather than transport to home (worst case waste of fuel) or damage in multiple moves.

The last idea is simply a much greater increase of the use of date-rape drug indicators. These exist today in various forms, can be inconspicuously carried and used to test for the doping of a drink with a drug. With the statistics at a staggering level of 25-33% of all women attending college personally experiencing a sexual assault of some kind while enrolled, it is critical that a simple kit is provided to test for drugs, in addition to better education during orientation and reiteration often. This is simply a safety have-to-have.

Each of these ideas exist as current products. The novelty is different or better usage of an existing technology/product to positively impact: the environment (water, fossil fuels), health, economics, and safety.


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