Misters for Improved Efficiency of Outside HVAC Condenser Units

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Water misters are used to reduce the air temperature around them.

This design uses misters that can be positioned around the air intake vents on the existing HVAV condenser units at homes and businesses. The misters create cooler air. This air is drawn into the heat exchange coils. The exchange of heat with cooler air can make the HVAC system run more efficiently and can reduce power usage.

The system consists of 6 to 8 easily replaceable misters on a flexible tubing that can be spaced around the air intake vents on the HVAC unit. The one end of the tubing is connected to the mister control unit.

The control unit has a water intake connection that allows it to be connected to a nearby outside faucet or a garden hose connected to the faucet. A battery operated valve with a pressure reducer turns on and off the water to the misters. There is also a filter washer on the water intake to prevent clogging of the misters.

The water flow is turned on and off at the control unit by an air flow sensor switch place on top of the HVAC unit over the exhaust air flow from the unit. When the A/C is turned on, the A/C fan in the condenser unit creates air flow, then the air flow sensor switch will turn on and complete the circuit to the mister control unit, which in turn will turn on the water to the misters. When the air flow stops, then the misters will stop.

A commercial design for new manufactured HVAC condenser units would have the misters built into the HVAC unit housing. The quantity of misters would be determined on the cooling tonnage of the unit.

The mister control unit would be built into the inside of the HVAC condenser unit with water source piping coming from inside the building.

The mister system would be activated by the same signal from the HVAC system being sent to the compressor and fan to turn on.

The mister control unit would be powered by the low voltage power present in the HVAC system. No batteries required.


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