Solar Powered Heating and Cooking Device

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In the deserts and semi-arid areas of the world the day time temperatures can be very high but they can be cold in the night. Cooking food is also a daily requirement but the source of fuel is scarce. This is seen especially in Africa and Haiti.

The basic design is to use magnifying lens(es) to concentrate the sun's rays to a solid material that can absorb the energy and release it for cooking or as a heat source when the temperatures are cold in the area.

A spherical 2 piece light weight housing is created with an outer insulation barrier to retain heat and prevent anyone from being burned. Inside the housing is a material that can absorb and dissipate the solar energy as heat.

There is a lens on the housing that focuses the sun's rays onto the heat absorbing material inside the housing. The housing is positioned on a stand to be able to rotate the unit for best angle to maximize the sun's rays during daylight. A high temperature relief valve is on the top of the unit for excess heat release. Vents that can be adjusted are located at the top and bottom of the housing similar to ones located on round shaped barbecue grills. They will regulate the amount of heat flowing out of the unit for heating and cooking.

The top of the housing will have an adapter to place optional attachments. Cooking attachments can be a flat metal surface, grill or wok depending on the region of the world the unit is being used in. Also an optional heat diffuser could be attached to spread heat across the area further away from the solar heater.

The advanced design would have multiple lenses for focusing the sun's rays. Sensors connected to a gearing mechanism would automatically rotate the unit to follow the sun for maximum solar energy absorption. Thermo sensors would be used for the system to cover up the lenses when maximum temperatures are reached in the unit. The top and bottom vents would be automatically adjusted by a system using temperature settings with temperature adjustment switch like on a cooking stove.


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