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This is an electronic protection against electrocution. What inspired this design? There was a case of a doctor couple electrocuted in shower room when one was trying to save the other. Result: two girls less than five years old left orphaned. Possibly the electrocution was due to absence of earth on the water heater.

Life is costlier than money. I decided to design something that would monitor the presence of earth and in the absence of earth no power will be extended, particularly to shower rooms where most electrocutions occur. This contains an IR sensor, an earth sensor, a power inlet, a power outlet and also a speaker. The unit is externally powered by 12V DC. The earth sensor constantly monitors the presence of earth and in cases where no earth is sensed, power is not extended to the shower room.

Operation: When the power is to be activated, a TV remote is used. If the earth is present, the power is switched for the period programmed. After the programmed period automatically no power to the heater. In case the earth is not sensed, power is not extended but a voice announcement is made on the speaker to restore the earth until which no power is extended. Now the shower room is safe.

This is made particularly for the persons with physical handicap, aged, Parkinson's and alzheimer patients. This consumes very low power and is designed to last longer. There are no moving parts. This can be fitted on the wall. The sensor is tested with and without earth and found very reliable.

designer: shreeramachandran


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    Shree Ramachandran
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    inspiration comes from the needs an ordinary man wants. I was moved by case of electrocution of doctor couple and i designed this to ensure protection from electrocution and help elders and handicapped switching power with TV remote.
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