Device and Method for Leveling Tile

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The device shown in the accompanying sketch provides a method of leveling tile by using the device to lift a corner of a tile that is low while simultaneously injecting thin set or adhesive under the tile after it has already been placed. This device allows a small needle to be inserted through the spacing between the tiles and then rotated to inject thin set under the low corner or corners of each tile.

Currently there is a big market for leveling spacers to serve this purpose, but they are expensive and there is a learning curve to use them. Also the leveling spacers currently on the market need to be used from the start to the finish of the job. Also they work by leaving a gap of empty space under the tile which weakens the end result.

This device can be used only as needed (when you notice a low tile) and can be re-used saving the consumer time and money.

I think anyone who lays tile would love to have this device. I have built a prototype and it works great on both floors and walls.

I have also built a simplified version of this device which can be used in conjunction with a caulk gun. This would dramatically cut the production cost of this device. Either way I think all of the components could be injection molded except for the needle tip which probably needs to be steel tubing which is inexpensive to produce.

Many people who lay tile don't notice that a corner is low until after placing it. Then they try to pry up the tile and add thin set in the low spot. This is very tedious and messy; also you run the risk of breaking the tile and the thin set drying; eliminating the chance of a good bond.

I think this is a very novel idea; I have done some research and I have never found a device like this on the market. Like I pointed out earlier there are many spacers out there to solve the leveling problem; so there is an obvious need in the market for a device like this.


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