Dental Floss Lock Handle

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This device is a small dental floss lock; which works similar to a cord lock like you would see on a jacket. The intent is that you would use a pair of these and they would lock onto dental floss providing a handle for each set of fingers to securely hold onto the floss without needing to wrap the floss around your fingers.

These little button locks would help the consumer save money because you only need to use about 5 inches of floss at a time. They also help prevent your fingers from turning purple from being wrapped with floss.

These could easily be injection molded and they are very small. I have prototyped a couple of these and the design is only 2 simple parts with a spring. I have been using my prototyped set for about a year now and I love them.

I think there is a huge market for these since they would be very inexpensive to build and everyone needs to floss. Also a gadget to make flossing easier may encourage people to floss more often. I know I used to be terrible at flossing and I only flossed about once a week. Since I have had these little buttons I now floss everyday; it has become part of my brushing routine; since it is so easy to just pick these up and use them. Also when I am done flossing the shape of the buttons allows them to be set on the counter next to my toothbrush.


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