Super Capacitor Powered Water Leak Isolation System

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Super Capacitor Energy Power Facility Water Leak Isolation

Presently systems available on the market today cut the water source off to an entire facility, to repair a leak. They are powered by facility electrical power or batteries. Loss of utilities or battery power may result in facility damage which costs money and time. This design uses super capacitor to store energy and is maintained by a small hydro generator to maintain the energy instead of utility or battery power, and energy power source lasts over 100+ times that of batteries.

This design consists of the following components (Figure 1 Building Water Leak Detection and Cut Off System) moisture sensor, conductor connecting wires, N/O electromechanical self latching cut off valve, control/status box, super capacitor storage module, and mini– electrical power generator. Sensors are installed any areas where water leaks can be detected. The sensors are connected to the control/status box, each cut off valve is installed in the plumbing that supplies water to the potential leak sites and are controlled by the control/status box. The mini – electrical power generator is connected to the main input water supply pipe so that every time water is used in the facility the generator charges and maintains the super capacitor energy storage level. The control/status box provides power for the water sensors, cut off valves, and status indicators. When the sensors detect moisture a signal is sent to the control/status box. The control status box activates the appropriate cut off valve, changes the status indicator on the face of the control/status box. This results in the water source being removed from the leak area but not the rest of the facility water system. The self locking cut off valve will stay in place until the leak has been repaired. When the repair has been completed the cutoff valve has to be manually reset, thus bringing the facility water system back to full service.

Super Capacitor Energy Power Facility Water Leak Isolation will require a manufacturing facility capable of electromechanical and electronic testing capabilities. The cost of production will be slightly lower than the present marketplace production costs of similar products.

The initial market appears to be barely tapped. However, it is huge. The target of the market is residential housing. The new constructions are easy to identify and can be reached by Internet, personal contact, direct contact with construction companies, cabinet shops, appliance stores, and through Lowe’s and Home Depot etc. The selling points are its adaptable to any area of the home that is an outlet for water i.e. dishwasher, icemakers, sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, hot water heaters, and close washers, etc. Taking advantage of free power generated by water flow in the facility main pipes and the life expectancy of the super capacitor storage module are the 2 innovative applications in this design.


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