Ava Nightlight

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My product is an author's work, which will reflect the beauty of nature, its elegance and individuality. Through this work I would express my respect and love for nature. Using my work I want to develop in others a sense of beauty. Creative product may be used in interior design, house, classroom or shop. I think this develops a taste, imagination, emphasizing the environment’s beauty. It helps focus attention on the objects which are made by using beading technology. I think that through the design we can bring up an aesthetic personality and encourage human creativity.


The name of my product is Ava tree. I was planning to make it big. The base is wide, it will keep the massive trunk of Ava and its branches. The branches of Ava are quite simple, thin stripes. But it is a magic tree; the branches need to be original. The colors will be different. Shades of purple and pink will look great together if they will be mixed. The basis will be green. It will hold the LED strip. The branches must be not too thick or thin. They need to hold leaves.

Creation Process:

This tree is from the movie "Avatar" and called Ava. Ava, of course, is not a simple tree; it is deity, the beginning of everything, the relationship with the ancestors. This film has inspired me to create the tree Ava. In this work I put all my originality and soul into creating this tree. The leaves of this tree are similar to hair, they weren't hard to do, but I needed them a lot. I spent a lot of beads, using shades of purple. I used the beads that remained after the creation of the Lilac tree. The trunk I made thick and powerful to show the strength and majesty of this tree. First trunk was too thin and I was afraid it would not hold all branches. So I used the rest of the putty to make a thicker trunk. The trunk and base were hard to do. I spent a lot of plaster and putty. I left it to dry for a very long time.

In the film the tree has shined and I decided that mine will too. Therefore I decided to wrap it in LED illumination on the gypsum, which serves as a support for the trunk. Bought LED illumination and I glued it to the base. LED strip light was already ready, just need to plug it into the socket. I didn't change the name of this tree and left "Ava" because Ava it is tree from the movie Avatar.

This tree can be not only interior decoration but also a lamp.


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