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HomeEasy is all about you. We understand that selling your home and buying your dream home shouldn't be so hard and expensive. You are already investing a lot and on top of that you have to chase after your realtor and pay him a good chunk of money to sell your property or find you a perfect Oasis. Our mission in HomeEasy is to save you money. When you buy a house there is a realtor who takes commission from the buyer and the seller to connect them and help them close the deal. We want to built a website that eliminates the middle man (Realtor) from the process. Our project is a for profit business model and we make money from advertisements that we have on our website, for example plumbing services, electricians and other related services.


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    Yasir Perwaiz
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    Yasir Perwaiz, Anahita Behrami, Hussein Abdullahi
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    Simple and elegant, 21st century solution to buying and up keeping your Home.
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    HTML and Oracle SQL
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