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Every year, air pollution causes the premature deaths of between 5.5 million and 7 million people, making it more deadly than HIV, traffic accidents and diabetes combined. The majority of these deaths — about 4 million — are caused by indoor air pollution, primarily in developing countries. But it takes a toll in developed countries as well. In Europe, for example, air pollution shortens the average life expectancy by nearly one year. Worldwide, more than 80 percent of people living in urban areas breathe air that exceeds pollution limits advised by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Utilizing a double-blind study, the researchers studied the impact of ventilation, chemicals, and carbon dioxide on workers’ cognitive function in representative ‘non-green’ vs. ‘green’ buildings. Testing was then conducted to investigate any impairment of cognitive performance. The findings indicate that overall those participants from the ‘non green’ work space conditions performed at a significantly lower (<50%). The researchers commented that even a modest improvement in indoor air quality could have a dramatic improvement on workers' decision making and overall cognitive performance.

Airest, a curtain-type plant air conditioning system, can be installed in internal glass walls of buildings or used as screen. It can purify indoor air, alleviate the temperature change, and adjust humidity, etc. Also, plants in the system can purify formaldehyde and other toxic gases and release purified air with oxygen and phytoncide produced by the plants. Airest’s modular unit and structure can be divided into filter cartridges, plants, and hollow lighting areas based on individual demands.

A variety of plants can be planted based on demands for indoor spaces to effectively absorb and filter gases harmful to human bodies and adjust temperature and humidity in the air. Water filling holes provide sufficient water for plants. After Airest’s filter filters harmful particulate matters in the air, the plants in the system will purify formaldehyde, carbon  monoxide (CO), carcinogens, and other toxic gases, which other air purifiers can never filter, and release oxygen and phytoncide produced by the plants to the indoor space. Additionally, the plants can adjust indoor temperature and humidity.

Airest brings more green scenes, freshness, oxygen and circulation of air to your tiring work and crowded indoor space.



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