Stand for Animal Rights!

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Current news reports a high level of animal abuse among the entertainments of young people. I wondered that maybe I could change our young generation and what if somebody of youth had already faced with desire to bully or kill animals. Therefore, I set myself a goal to inform young people, to provide them with food for thoughtsand to encourage them to do charity work.

My product is an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals. I drew the posters and held a concert, which helped me attract many volunteers and collect donations. Then, I created a design of boxes that attracted the attention of young people and motivated them to do good deeds. I was able to collect 8 kilograms of feed and 90 dollars for animals' medicines. All collected feed and money I personally gave to the shelter called "New Chance." This shelter has helped me to attract even more volunteers to my organization by publishing our charity activities. Now my organization consists of 10 000 people. I'm glad that I was able to change opinion, not only of young people, but also of adults about animals' importance. I hope that I will attract more activists and investors for the future development and expansion of my organization.



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