Personal Shopping Cart that Fits in Your Car’s Trunk

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Value for customers:
◦no more unloading purchases from a cart to the car trunk
◦no more dragging heavy bags from store to the car
◦no need for multiple runs between your car and your home to bring all the bags
•Equally great for city and country life, shopping malls and farmer’s markets
•Smartphone cradles and shopping list holder
•Fits cars of different models, shapes and trunk sizes

Value for retailers:
•Increases cash counter productivity: no need to wait for customer to pack goods into bags
•Cuts costs on shopping cart purchase, maintenance, and stolen carts replacement
•Reduces space for shopping carts storage within the store
•Eases transition to plastic bags ban (ecological restrictions): no need to use any bags
•An option to advertise retailer’s brand on customer-owned shopping carts
•Opportunity to install location/traction sensors to monitor customer journey and leverage proximity marketing power
•An option to subsidize CarCart purchase under loyalty program terms



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    I have a diploma with honors Moscow Aviation Institute, aircraft construction.
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