Lucid Read

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Spell check is a great way to detect errors between what you are thinking and what you are typing, but, there is no software that can check that what is written is what is read. This is a huge obstacle for people with dyslexia. This project aims to help minimise reading errors for those with dyslexia, and who knows, perhaps those without as well. The concept is simple increase the contrast between letters that are often misread, using colour and font. The user can configure the letters they commonly confuse and choose the color and formatting for each. This allows each individual to set up their browser to be the best suited to their needs. This project intends to achieve this as a Google Chrome extension.


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    Graham Webber
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    As a dyslexic person I know the disadvantage that poor reading skills create. I would like to make something that allows other people to reach their potential.
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