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Open kitchen equipment by combining air conditioning and ventilator for a better cooking and dining experience.

To deal with changes of lifestyle, the kitchen becomes an open space in the home for interaction. Coolking brings a better cooking environment facing this dramatic shift.

Coolking blends the functions of air conditioning and ventilator for not only filtering cooking fumes, but adjusting temperature and offering superb air circulation. Cooking fumes are filtered and cooled down via Coolking. It emits cool air and the internal oil filter is easy to clean. Coolking provides a smart flow control for different cooking demands such as stir fry, or cold dishes, implementing emergency fire and linked alarm system when dry-heating incidents occurred. For commercial spaces such as coffee shops, dust and soot can be filtered, and temperature can be adjusted. By installing an air conditioner in the kitchen, Coolking gives users a comfortable space to enjoy cooking and dining.


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    Yu San Weng
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    Lin, Wei-Chi
    Hsu, Yi-Wen
    Weng, Yu-San
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