E-Tardigrade Jacket

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Temperature being a very important concern to all warm blooded animals including human beings, every animal has its own temperature regulation mechanism to tolerate and/or adapt to the varying environmental temperatures. When the external/ambient temperature is not in the tolerable range of say 20 to 40 degrees (not referring to the standards here), we humans seek external aids to regulate/protect ourselves from these temperatures.

To bring in more convenience and to make living easier in these extreme environment conditions (-10 degrees C to +40 degree C), the need for this product arises. This is a jacket developed to create a virtual environment temperature/external temperature (external to the human body) in the range of -10 deg. C to +40 deg. C. The usage of this jacket and getting it in to operation shall be as simple as wearing it and that’s it. Also it enables the user to experience a temperature of 10 deg. C even when the surrounding temperature is say 40 deg. C..

It is hard to categorize this product under one category as its significance is as follows:
1. Defense: This is very much required here as the army travels across different places and experiences frequently changing temperatures.
2. Automotive: ACs consume a lot of power which results in decreased milage and increased pollution. Why not use this jacket and avoid/decrease unnecessary heating/cooling of the entire interior car environment.
3. Medical: When there is need for localised heating for muscle cramps or related problems use this jacket instead of a hot water bag to get the heating effect. At the moment the product does not cover this localized heating feature but there is hope for improvement/introducing this feature as well.

As a summary, this product has a wide range of applications. It can be used directly by anybody in any climatic condition to acheive the desired temperature.


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    Manoj Sharma And Team
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    Cheruku, Thulasiram;
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