Sturdy Girl - Dolly/Collapsible Table with Exchangeable Tops

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US Patent Number 7,726669 B2. I watched people at craft shows, flea markets and catering events struggle during set-up, dragging a dolly with their items on it along with a collapsible table under one of their arms. I united both in a dolly that flips out through a foot release and hydraulic struts into a table. Remove the handles, and you can hook a series of these together to create one huge table that at the end of an event breaks down into several dollies to haul items away on.

I also have exchangeable tops for different needs. One top is a sink for greenhouse/nursery application or if food-grade materials are used, for catering. I have a work bench top with a vise for mechanics to use when working on vehicles on a hoist so they can keep their tools next to them instead of on the floor; a dog grooming top for dog shows or grooming; and a barbecue top that uses a 55 gallon drum barbecue smoker.

Tested it with different professions and their needs. A veterinarian said he could use it as portable operating table that could be folded out of the way when not used. I used it to weigh components in an assembly plant as a table for my scale instead of having to set it on the floor. When I was finished, I used it as a dolly to haul my scale and other items away. The beauty of all these tops is that depending on your needs there can be a top for it that can be switched out and you still have a dolly to use. As with the barbecue, you can collapse the design back into a dolly for easy hauling away and storage.

Current prototype is welded but design would allow pieces to be assembled by customer or purchase source through nuts and bolts. All the pieces, nuts and bolts could be packaged in a box for ease in shipping and shelf storage.


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