Sign Language Interpreter

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Our Project, Sign Language Interpreter, is a hardware-cum-software device that converts sign language into text and audio. Basically, this project is designed for deaf and dumb people. This can include hand gestures, their movements, orientation of fingers and facial expression to convey what the person is trying to say. It follows American Sign Language. It is a natural language for communication among people with low or no hearing sense.

The main purpose or main objective of our project is to help the deaf and the dumb to communicate easily with other people, as not everyone knows sign language. Moreover, this project can be used as a system which can bring a new revolution in this era.

We are presenting a real-time vision-based system for recognizing finger orientation using a camera to track the user's hand gestures. The hand gestures will be recognized by the camera and the system will analyze from the previously stored database through pattern matching. This will be the input given to the device and corresponding output will be generated in text and audio.

This system is broken down into three main parts starting with the image acquisition followed by image processing to extract features for recognition. And then is the recognition stage where signs are identified, and text and audio output is given. The program starts with image acquisition, i.e. sign images are captured by the camera and the acquired images are pre-processed. The unique features of each sign are extracted to be used in the recognition stage. In the recognition stage, the features extracted are compared with the available database of pattern matching templates. Corresponding audio file is played on audio device. The program can be implemented in a laptop, desktop or an IOS mobile phone to operate with its in-built camera, processor and audio device. Therefore, the hardware and software used are camera, audio speaker, converters, sensors and MATLAB respectively.

This project would reduce the communication gap among the people, help them in socialization, and most importantly provide a platform where they can accurately express their ideas and thoughts which results in building up great confidence among them in the society.

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