After Life

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After life of a person, some people go through psychological issues which affect their health & personality. We can reduce that pain & probably speed up recovery of health by simulating a desirable environment using audio & video.

Do you want to live after life & stay connected with your grandchildren? Do you want someone else to give lectures on your behalf, which students expect you to be there? Grandparents feel lonely after kids grow up & move out for their jobs.

This product can prevent life threatening shocks. It has the potential to create a psychologically positive environment, which will be good for the well being of that person.

The business model will be subscription based (individual/family).

This product can exist in different forms:
1. Mobile App
2. Amazon Alexa like AV Device
3. Humanoid

This concept can be served in different markets:
1. Every individual/family
2. Healthcare
3. Education

The product will be based on cloud with edge computing. User consent will be required to use data. 

We have lots of pictures, & videos collected over a period of time. Managed services on cloud can recognize your face & speech easily. We can build a model using available inputs, which will generate insights. Using these insights, we can regenerate voice & video to produce a simulated reality. This reality will interact with users using different mediums.

This concept/product is unique & doesn't exist in the market so far.


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