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Secure and track your money transactions, company lockers, documents, files and credentials, record using Expense Tracker.

Expense tracker app not only allows you to know your balance in different accounts, but also has features like make a transaction, withdrawal or deposit amount with any account. The exciting feature is the facility to transfer amount from one account to another very easily by just filling few details and click on transfer. The app automatically transfers your amount and updates your checkbook. Not only this features like share your checkbook with your family, friends or colleagues by going to the options menu and select Email option. You can also get a print of your checkbook, export as PDF or in CSV format. The tips section provides you with ways on how to Invest money in banks or funds. The app is suitable to work for android devices 4.0 and above. So, use this app to maintain your budget and much more.

The app can be easily installed on android version 4.0 and above. The app is can also run on IOS mobiles as it is a Hybrid app.
The app has a good user interface and allows multiple options for the user apart from just calculating the balance in the Expense Tracker.
The user can also be an enterprise or a student and can easily access the app for maintaining their own checkbook and hence maintain budgets.
The app allows you to create multiple accounts and maintain balance in every account. You can do transactions, transfer money within accounts and also features like e-mail your checkbook, print the pdf, or share it with others when needed.
Expense Tracker not only keeps track of your checking account, it also helps to save money through its budget process.
It gives the user the facility to become your own banker and borrow money from yourself.
By using Expense Tracker, you will see what all your money is for.



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    Vithika Gupta
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    Suryanarayan Ramamurthy - Co-founder, Director at Aspiring Investments Corp

    Manu Sheel Gupta:-
    Manu is the CEO and co-founder of Aspiring Investments Corp and SEETA (Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activities). They work closely with mobile, tablet and cloud OEMS namely Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Nook Color. In addition, Manu contributes in the development of OLPC’s software paradigm through SEETA and Sugar Labs.
    Vithika Gupta
    Vithika Gupta is an independent Community developer, who has been actively involved with project. She has received an immense storehouse of knowledge and expertise from her team during the development of projects. An engineering graduate from Banasthali University, Vithika had the honour of working with Aspiring Investments Corp. Throughout the course of her studies, she has proven her intellectual capabilities through a gamut of software,
    Currently, she is working with Aspiring Investments Corp as a Senior Product Engineer.
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    To create something useful to users and which is easily understood by them.Simple and easy to use.
    Would like to develop something which is used on large and daily basis.
    Development of Interface which requires zero training.
    Selection of color scheme used on daily bases and is easily accessible to all.
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