Digital Bus System

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Digital Bus System

Name of the Project : Digital Bus System

Objectives of the Project : The Ultimate motto of the project addresses all the problems that were faced by the existing MSRTC bus system . Coming to the
feasibility aspect the current project focuses on
1)Economical Feasibility
2)Technical Feasibility
3)Operational Feasibility
Deliverables/ Functional Specification:-
1. Current Administrators 2.Passenger/Customers 3. Details of the services.
4. Timings, Source, Destination details. 5.Android application
Introduction :
Now a days everything is being automatic using technology . The Digital Bus System project is being developed for the use of MSRTC and bus passengers.
-Android application :
An android application is being developed for the passengers of the ST bus who want to travel .
The application will provide following functionalities :
1.display regular schedule of buses
2.update exact arrival timings of bus according their location using GPS sensor/locator. for discussion . by the nearest Bus Depot in case any problem in between the route using GPS locator/Sensor
5. Passenger/Admin Login/ Registration
6. Complaint Box for passengers.


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  • Name:
    Mahesh Choudhari
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    Team members:
    Harshada Sugandhi
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  • Mahesh is inspired by:
    Problems of people about timing of bus.
    Timetable is not accurate .
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    Android Studio and Xampp
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