Brief description of solution:
Safety Electronic Protection Glasses (eyes protection) only worn to order another device wirelessly when operating dangerous cutter & drilling devices (like cutter and trimmer trees devices or a welder or holder devices) to protect the worker otherwise the dangerous device will not work.

If we fix a source of radiation at the end of a lever rod with a magnifying glass in front of it such that the rod is long enough to magnify the minute unidirectional force and capable of rotation about an axis at the other end and hold that

Light-emitting diodes (LED), like any semiconductor, emit heat during their operation. This is because a significant portion of electrical energy (75% – 85%) is converted to thermal energy which results in an increase in the temperature of the LED.

Commercial nanoelectronics device manufacturing is very expensive, with fabrication facilities costing up to 17 billions and requiring massive quantities of water and power. The cost of the next fabrication in Taiwan is projected to reach $20 billion. Meanwhile,

Objective of our project is to deliver a computer vision and artificial intelligence based solution which will automatically detect the disease in apples using Azure machine learning for building data models.

In this project, load cell is used as a weight sensor. This sensor will be placed below the LPG gas cylinder. GSM module is to send SMS to owner as to inform about weight and leakage of cylinder and to gas agency for booking of the cylinder.

Cycling has undergone a digital revolution. Over the last 15 years our bikes have gone from having simple cyclocomputers to basically having an onboard computer. Heart rate, power measurement, GPS, gradient, temperature, it’s all there. But what about the biggest factor of them all?

Light Communication is a new wireless communication technology, where data is communicated in the form of light. It has benefits of interference-free communication, increased bandwidth & data rate and license-free operation. LED/LASER is used as light data transmitter and photodiode/phototransistor is used as light data receiver.

Today, cellphone has two cameras. Front camera and back camera. Front camera usually used to take self photo and video call. Back camera used to take far object like people or buildings. The front camera and back camera are basically same things. They convert visible lights to electrical signals.

Flexible OLEDs present designers with a practically unlimited tool for creating new OLED-based luminous objects. In order to inspire lighting designers or product engineers and to explain the basic design options for OLED elements for creating own unique OLED-based lighting designs, we launched Project Monarch,

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