Drunk Driving Prevention

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The use of tiny sensors makes possible the insertion, in this case built into the steering wheel of a car, of an alcohol detection device that will interact with the ignition system of a vehicle. In association with a timer, relays and GPS will complete the design. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed by the driver, this device will perform a blocking action that will prevent the start of the car and through GPS conditioning send an alarm or signal to the police in order to pinpoint the driver location under influence of alcohol.

This last assumption is interesting because usually if a party is under way several drivers will be involved and the prevention is a matter of consideration.

If we make an analogy with the smoke prevention inside close areas, the consideration to drink in a responsible way will make the driver aware of the amount of alcohol to drink before he or she gets stranded and even more with a police ticket.


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    Rolando Perez
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    As we see so many lives end because of drunk driving everywhere and considering technology on hand that could be used to prevent this accidents if we could call them so, I believe thatis possible to reduce this problem with a humble idea.
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