Smart Door

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Doors are often used, yet untouched.
They are the gateway between public and private.
Your door can now be a member of the family.

Smart door is a holistic solution to home security and home automation. Home automation is a market of many products that turn your home into a smart home. If you purchase numerous ones, you end up interacting with multiple apps per product. The Smart Door serves as the central home for home automation.

Smart Door greets you when any family member of the home approaches. It is equipped with a interactive artificial intelligence and can connect to multiple virtual assistants. Smart Door has a smart lock so you can unlock the door with the fingerprint recognition through your cellular device, facial recognition for hands-free secured access through the smart camera, and even through the Smart Door app when you're not close to home.

The smart camera can also monitor who is home and who’s at the door. Smart Door has an appearance feature that allows its privacy glass to be tinted, frosted, or cleared either sectional or full. It can even be altered with a family member’s favorite artwork as well. LED lights are integrated so family members can leave messages on the door for one another or for family and friends when having events at home. In addition, Smart Door connects to your phone to remind you and your family when dinner will be delivered.

All these features you can access through the Smart Door Mobile Application.

“Open the door to the future.”


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