Intelligent Baby Monitor and Pacifier

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There are many baby monitoring devices available in the market. We want to extend the concept to include a pacifier also. The device will monitor baby activities like sounds (and movements as an extension). Depending on the preprogrammed sound patterns and activity, the device can play a lullaby. The lullaby can also be recorded in the mother’s voice and played back. One can program a set of lullabies which can be programmed. The concept can be enhanced to rock a baby crib or enable/disable light.

We feel that our idea will be a boon to the parents in giving them a much needed rest and reduce some stress levels.

In case the baby is restless beyond a certain defined period, the device can send alerts to a specified mobile phone using BT connection.

The device can be enhanced to capture periodic images and process it locally or send it to cloud for processing. The idea is to collect sleep patterns. In addition, the device can keep a log of the sound events and lullaby played for further analysis.

The solution can also be connected to a backend cloud for analytics and customization. Data across many such scenarios will help us to customize the experience. Additionally, the sleep patterns can be analyzed to preempt any sleep disorders or any other medical condition.

Depicted in illustration 1 is a flow diagram and various modules of the system. We plan to use a Raspberry Pi or similar module to implement our idea


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    Ranjit Abhyankar
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    Ranjit Abhyankar and Parag Landge
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