Invisibility/Holodeck Cube Tabletop Experiment Proof of Concept

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This concept is actually two concepts; my modified light-field array 3-D Pixel Unit and my concept of the Light-Interface, both working together to send light through an object to render it invisible while producing a holodeck within the inner Light-Interface itself as a by-product of sending light through an object in the first place.

I imagine this to be an extremely crude, low-resolution proof-of-concept experimental table-top apparatus to prove the light geometries of my 26 year old discovery of the exact, geometric inverse relationship between invisibility and holodecks due to my Light-Interface concept applied to all Light-Interface Systems.

The 3D Pixel Unit is fascinating to me because it is rigid its position, relative to itself, of the dual 3D pixel pairs in order to maintain the correct paths of light into and out of the entire Light-Interface System, while used in conjunction with the infinitely adaptable Light-Interface concept itself, in the form of parallel 3D Pixel Units working together to allow light to faithfully enter and leave the space of an object, in concentrated form, as if nothing was there to hinder the paths of light going through that space in the first place.

The dual physics of the rigid 3D Pixel Unit and the flexibility of the Light-Interface concept (due to the rigidity of the 3D Pixel Unit in the first place) create an extended hidden space in between the outer invisible surface of the Light-Interface, while creating its holodeck by-product within the inner Light-Interface itself, and that is the null zone in which a body can be made invisible, in between the dual states of the Light-Interface System.


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    Keith Carlock
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    Invisibility/Holodeck Technology Theory
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    I was first inspired by the high-tech applicable part of my Invisibility ( adaptive camouflage) and Holodeck ( virtual immersion) Theory, in the form of my Light-Interface concept with my discovery of a geometric inverse relationship between invisibility and holodeck light geometry in the new year winter of 1992, and the resulting Light-Interface System, and a childhood friend who told me back in 1998, " Don't just talk about making something invisible. Make something invisible, and then I'll listen to you!" My Lenticular Box is the low-tech geometric proof of the inverse relationship between invisibility and holodeck technologies.
    I'm just basically obsessed with my Invisibility/Holodeck Technology Theory and what it might mean for a more fully complete Invisible/Holographic Principle of the universe.
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