Wearable Air Quality Monitor

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The uRADMonitor AIR is a small device with an opto-electric Particulate Matter sensor that tracks your environment wherever you are. It shows the best routes in town for doing jogging, cycling, or taking your kids for a walk. In the background it contributes with valuable data to pollution mapping across wide areas.

The device has a BLE Bluetooth low energy module that connects to your phone. On the screen you see real time air quality indicators and simple health hints, while in the background the phone sends the data online to the central server.
Particulate Matter pollution causes half a million premature deaths in Europe, every year. It's time we solve that, with increased awareness and with real time data.



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    Radu Motisan
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    By training, I’m a software engineer. By hobby, I’m a chemist, physicist and electronics amateur. By heart, I am the man that will use the best of his skills to build technology that matters — that has an impact on other people’s lives. Luckily this background allowed venturing into the corners of hardware design and production, with ease.
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