Holistic IoT Interior Climate Control

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An automated and connected climate control system that reduces energy consumption of Heating/Cooling systems by opening / closing windows, to allow for cross ventilation and desired heating / cooling.

Each window is equipped with a small motor, that is powered by a small rechargeable battery and a solar cell. The motor can be controlled via a central (cloud, in-house) networked unit (Raspberry Pii for example) that determines when to open and close a window to allow outside air into the home for cooling / heating / venting. Sensors can be individual at the device and/or centralized. Since the system helps control temperature naturally and is powered by solar/wind mill, the energy cost is minimized.
Can also be applied to greenhouses and office complexes.

- Battery, for energy storage.
- Solar cell, for energy generation.
- Connectivity protocol, WiFi or Bluetooth
- Motor, provide work to open / close windows/vents
- CPU, Control center (Raspberry Pii)
- Hinges / Track, to facilitate window function
- Climate Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed)
- Mini windmill, (Sensor for Wind speed & direction, micro energy generation)


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