Submerged Under Water Multiprocessor Computing Apparatus with Wireless Interconnect for Communication among its Components

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This abstract is for part of US patent no. 9891827 dated February 13, 2018.

1. A Multiprocessor Computing Apparatus (MCA) housed in a Metallic Enclosure (ME), comprising following numbered 2 to 5 type components of:

2. Plurality of Processing Units (PUs) each with a local private memory (PM), and each mounted/fabricated/integrated/embedded with a transceiver and associated antenna (TRA),

3. plurality of Shared Memory Units (SMUs) each mounted/fabricated/integrated/embedded with the TRA, and each made up of a Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory (NVRAM) comprising a static Magneto-Optical or an Optical record-able, erasable, and re-record-able media in a square/rectangular form factor that can be written to and read from optically,

4. plurality of peripheral components and/or inputs/outputs (I/Os) devices, each with an interface circuit mounted/fabricated/integrated/embedded with the TRA,

5. wireless interconnect (WLI) for wireless communication, comprising a plurality of TRAs mounted/fabricated/integrated/embedded on components of the MCA, and an Electromagnetically Shielded and sealed confined free space within the ME and/or an Inside Metallic Enclosure (INSIDE-ME).

6. A fan-less MCA housed in a cubical, or cylindrical, or spherical ME acting as an electromagnetic-Shield for wireless-communications/interconnects (WLI) among components of MCA enabling the whole-range-frequencies from lows of 10-HZs to highs of GHZ and beyond to be able to address almost unlimited Shared-Memory-Units (SMUs) by each processor with each SMU permanently tuned to send/receive data at a particular frequency.

7. The ME is dust-proofed and inside of the ME and/or the INSIDE-ME either vacuumed (VAC) or filled with clean Dust Free Air (DFA) without any suspended particles for efficient-and-reliable line-of-sight WLI for communication among the components of MCA. When such a dust proofed MCA is used as a building block of a Data/Cloud center eliminates accidental outages by short-circuit created by dust accumulated on circuit boards and the need for costly professional cleaning as in the case of existing Data/Cloud centers.

8. The architectural design implements direct one-to-all and all-to-all wireless interconnects (communications) and achieves fastest possible communication among components of MCA. It solves the problem of time delaying and power consuming buffering and routing and the need for associated complex software in existing switching interconnects. However, any variant of known/unknown wired interconnect can also be implemented with other beneficial features of this architectural design.

9. The ME also acts as a heat-sink with the components of MCA placed on Circuit-Boards are mounted on inside in a plane parallel to the respective side of the ME of any required size and shape and heat producing components are firmly attached to the ME, which is waterproofed and placed-under-water for cooling eliminating the need for refrigeration and air conditioning, and saving almost 50% of electrical power used in running MCA.

10. Additional detailed know-how about simple possible variants of this architecture is available. Market potential for the architectural design as in the above is huge because the MCA can be deployed everywhere under water, on earth, and in the outer space. This design is applicable to any equipment, or apparatus or device.


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