Intelligent Retail

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Intelligent retail is a term which is used to describe the smart technologies that are designed to give the quick and easy shopping experience. Purchasing and shopping is a daily chore and it is followed by a long & tiresome billing process at the counters which leads to customer dissatisfaction. Customers waste a lot of their time during the billing process. To overcome this disadvantage, IoT based trolley can be used for shopping.

Basically when a customer enter the shop, he or she will be equipped with a smart shopping trolley attached with a LCD display screen, a barcode reader and a location tracking module attach with it. There will be a smart card through which a customer can access his or her account by scanning through barcode reader and can get the details regarding the shopping list or previous shopping transactions displayed on the screen. After log in into the account customer is ready for shopping. The customer would be guided by the trolley to the place at which the specific item is placed required by the customer in the shop. Then after getting the product the customer simply has to scan the barcode against the barcode reader to get the price add on in the bill. Similarly the price of each item will be added and hence bill of purchase is generated side by side, which is the time consuming task at bill counter. Therefore this problem can be resolved through smart trolley. With this ready bill, customer just have to pay the amount through debit or credit cards or through cash. This would help in avoiding rush and long queues at the counter during billing time. After successful payment customer can leave through special exit gate designed for security purpose (basically sensor tags are attached with the products). Sensor tags provides security towers and tags which monitor entry ways and exits to alert employees when merchandise is leaving the store without the appropriate processing.

Thus, with he help of this technology we could look forward to make cashier less shopping stores and help in making shopping much more interesting and enjoyable.

Also by using the concept of IoT this technique would be helpful to the owner also. Owner can observe real time business done in shopping mall from any place. Thus this would helpful for economic and efficient shopping.

FUTURE SCOPE : The rise of the Internet of Things is in part down to wider trends in the market, such as the huge growth in accessibility of smart phones and high-speed Internet, as well as the decreasing cost of these products, sensors and cloud computing technology.


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