Design of Waven Headphones

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Waven headphones transmit sound through the bones by means of the creation of vibrations, reaching the inner ear, which turn them into electrical impulses. Sound can be perceived by people with normal hearing and also with hearing problems. Moreover, despite playing music, a person can perfectly hear other surrounding sounds.

The headphones combine a music player and a fitness tracker that can play music (both recorded on the built-in memory and broadcast on the Internet), receive calls (the headphones are equipped with a microphone that allows you to recognize the voices, even if the external noises are loud), respond to voice commands, and the most important- to adjust the physical and emotional state of the owner.

The unique design is oriented on active, energetic people. One of the models is made on the similarity of earrings, so this device also plays an aesthetic role. Headphones are easily worn on the ears so they do not cause discomfort. Another unusual thing about them is that these headphones should be worn on the earlobe, but shouldn’t be inserted into the ear canal.

The device is controlled by small touch panels located on the outer side. Changing the volume level, switching tracks, pausing / resuming playback is available using gestures.

Waven headphones are presented in two colors - black and white.


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