Serial IP Phone

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Every worker in every office today owns a PC on the table always on a network (LAN or internet). But every worker in an office does not have an office phone. This is because it is very expensive to setup office telephones in every office. This expenditure is not only in terms of finance but in hardware and maintenance too. This expenditure is usually too high for most medium and low income businesses in my country. On the other hand, connecting an office PC to a network (LAN or internet) is an obligation in today's hi tech world and is not even too expensive to do.

Office Com SIP takes this advantage to develop a solution capable of doing real time calls, SMS, voice mails and file transfers at a very low cost. This system is VOIP based just like Skype but has an external USB Hard Phone and during operation, it does not interfere with the PC's multimedia hardware so you can still play music or even do a Skype call simultaneously.


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    Talla Brian Monde
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    Talla Brian Monde and Mbariko Armstrong
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    In my community i noticed that many institutions and companies face the problem of internal communication at times they communicate through the air by shouting in loud tones across offices. so i decided to fine a solution. This device does real time voice calls, SMS and file transfers. it is also very easy to use and very economical to install since it uses the existing office network equipment. Traditional IP and Fixed phones for office use are very very expensive for a medium size or small business to purchase the SERIAL IP PHONE that i have developed will be a remedy.
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