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This is a box of 8" x 4" x 2".

In electrical systems, it is desirable to have earth connection to the body of the device operated. This earth is available in three wire single phase systems. In two wire systems this is not there.

There was a case here where a doctor couple got electrocuted in shower room when one was trying to save the other. They left behind two children, girls less than five years old.

There is an inlet from the mains and an outlet to the device, say water heater. An earth sensor is provided in order to constantly monitor the presence of earth. The presence of earth is monitored and indicated by glow of a green LED. The absence of glow indicates that earth is missing. In the absence of earth, a pre recorded voice announcement comes telling about absence of earth and calls for its restoration. As per electrical standards earth should not be more than one OHM.

A sensor is provided which senses command from a TV remote. if earth is provided the circuit switches on power. A delay feature say 3 minutes is also introduced such that the power is extended to the heater only for 3 minutes and disconnected. This ensures that there is absolute safety to the user in shower rooms. This is powered by 12V DC.

This is designed with the need to ensure protection from electrocution and also to help the handicapped persons and aged seniors with poor reflexes to use the TV remote for switching the electrical device. There is no product of this kind in the market for domestic use.

The device is inspired by thought: LIFE IS COSTLIER THAN MONEY.


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    inspiration comes from the needs an ordinary man wants. I was moved by case of electrocution of doctor couple and i designed this to ensure protection from electrocution and help elders and handicapped switching power with TV remote.
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