The Future of Smart Farming by Ambient Intelligence

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It’s all about the effective management of resources. Limited resources of water. The high cost of fertilizers. Amount of fertilizer. Amount of water for crop management. 

Usually the farmer pumps the water more or less to cultivate the land, This may result in wastage of water or an insufficient amount for the crops. Send an alerting message to the farmer when the moisture level increases or decreases.

Pest Management And Control Work
Often farmers'  hard work is destroyed by predators (pests) which results in a huge loss to farmers. To prevent such situation Agriculture Internet of Things has a system that detects the diseases of crops.

A sensor that will sense the moisture level in the land (sand) called SOIL MOISTURE SENSOR, A PIR based motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals or other objects. Both SOIL MOISTURE SENSOR and PIR SENSOR are connected to the Arduino to perform an action. Arduino will send the data to the database using Ethernet shield or by wifi module and if an emergency it will also send a message to the users by using a device called GSM module.


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